You’ve heard of guardian angels, but you’re not sure if they’re real, or how they can help you. Read on to find out how an angel card reader like me can help you.

Quick summary

What does an angel intuitive do? A session where messages from your guardian angels are delivered to you, via oracle cards and their intuitive abilities.

Who needs to see one? Anyone feeling trapped or stuck, facing challenges or big decisions, wanting reassurance or seeking guidance about what’s coming up.

What does a session with an angel card reader feel like? Like the Universe is giving you a hug and a push forwards, at the same time.

What are the benefits of an angel card reading? Insights on how you can change your life and indication of what’s coming up for you.

What is the length of a session? I provide one hour sessions (by Skype or Zoom), which includes an energy healing to heal the blocks and issues that have come up in the cards.

How much does a session cost? It’s AU$110 for a one-hour session, which is around US$76 or 62 pounds, depending on the current exchange rate (click here to calculate exchange rates).

How can I book a session? Hit the 'make a booking' button at the bottom of the page!

How does it work?

I read angel cards and tune into your guardian angels, delivering messages that can really help you. Angel card readings are incredibly valuable because they give you guidance that can assist you in making good choices and overcoming the challenges you’re currently facing, as well as those on the horizon.

What people love about angel card readings is that the messages are always positive and loving, and they don’t map out your future for you like tarot cards do. Remember that your future is yours to determine – and nothing is set in stone. Another good thing to know is that your angels are not here to judge you or tell you what to do. Their divine mission is to protect you and help you find peace.
And, of course, what people love most is that the messages are incredibly accurate and insightful. Check out these testimonials.


What happens during an angel card reading?

I’ll choose three or four angel card decks to work with, depending on the nature of your questions, then I’ll tune into your guardian angels. As I shuffle the cards, I’ll put forward the questions you want answered and I’ll convey what the angels tell me, then we’ll discuss that together.

I’m not religious, do I have angels?

Yes, everyone does. Angels are non-denominational. They don’t care what church you go to, if any. Their desire is for you to feel and act with love – for yourself, and for other people – and to find peace in your life. They can help you with all of those things. 

What kinds of questions can I ask my angels?

Most people ask about relationships, career, health or their life purpose. Some people simply ask: “What do my angels want me to know?” It’s best not to ask yes/no questions. As each session is an hour, there’s enough time for up to three questions.

Will they tell me things I don’t want to hear?

No – angel cards only give positive messages. That said, if there’s something you’re avoiding that you need to deal with for your greatest good, that may come up. But it’s your life and you get to choose what to do with any information you’re given.

Are you psychic? Can you predict my future?

No, this is not a service I offer. That's because I believe the future is up to *you* to create – so if you want something to happen in your future, angel cards can give you pointers on how to make it happen yourself.  

Can you talk to my loved ones who’ve passed on?

Sometimes during a reading, the angels will pass on messages from your loved ones – but it’s not something you should expect to happen. If you specifically want to talk to a loved one, I would recommend you visit a medium who specialises in spirit communication.

How do I choose an angel card reader?

I would advise you to book someone who you get a good feeling about. Read their bio, look at their picture… and trust your intuition. Think also about what you want to achieve, as every angel card reader has a point of difference. In terms of what I offer, I’m all about channeling angel messages in a plain-speaking way – I don’t use airy-fairy spiritual jargon and I’m focused on giving clear advice that is relevant to the real world. I’ve been through plenty of personal challenges that give me some understanding of the traps we all fall into over the course of our everyday lives, and an insight into how we can get ‘unstuck’.