Arrivals and departures - why the airport is so emotional

Couple embracing outside airport
Remember the opening sequence of the movie Love Actually? With all those people crying and embracing at airports? I love that sentiment – that the airport is the location of the most beautiful and most heart-wrenching emotional displays known to humankind. 

But that’s actually not what I think about when I go to the airport. 

I always think about what an incredible thing it is to be able to leave everything behind and go somewhere completely different. You can shelve your troubles and your possessions, gather the bare essentials and literally walk off the land you live on, to be flown to somewhere where everything and nothing makes sense, in the most glorious way possible.

There aren’t many experiences that allow us to do that – leave our lives behind in such a tangible way. Don’t you just love taking a trip? It’s just the best thing for the soul – restoring some equilibrium to our stress levels, reminding us how to live in the moment and making us feel passionate about the world again.

What if you could do that without the expense not to mention (and let’s face it, this is the biggest problem for most nine-to-five workers) the difficulty of arranging annual leave? Well, you don’t have to leave the country to say goodbye to your life and renew your enthusiasm. Here are some low-level but powerful ways to refresh your spirit if you’re feeling overburdened and lethargic:

·         A spa day. Um, yes please! Never ever underestimate the power of a good pampering session. So so good.
·         Take a day trip. There are probably suburbs on the outskirts of your city you’ve never ventured to before. Look up local walks in the area, and see if they have farmers’ markets on. Take a picnic and make a day of it. Leaving your local neighbourhood – especially if you head to somewhere beautified with big skies and lush fields – really can feel like an escape, even if you’re not going far.
·          A meditation retreat. Most cities have Buddhist centres where one-day sessions are available. I’m a big fan of these options.
·          Move your furniture around, declutter your drawers and shelves, and print off an array of photos to pin on the wall, perhaps interspersed with some motivating quotes and pieces of bright fabric. Pinterest is your friend. 

Grab your passport and collect your boarding pass – a lighter, brighter life is your destination. I'll meet you there.