What November 11 could mean for you

This Saturday – November 11 – just so happens to be my favourite day of the year. No, it’s not my birthday, but to me (and many other spiritually inclined folks) 11/11 is equally magical.

If you’ve read my previous posts on angel numbers, you’ll know that whenever a digit is repeated multiple times, the energy is magnified. If you find yourself glancing at the microwave and it says 11:11, for example, or your grocery store receipt totals $111.11, that’s the angels saying, ‘hello, we love you and we’re fully supporting you’, so it’s a great time to connect with the divine and ask for any support you need. It’s also an opportunity to maximise manifestation, so using that moment to focus your thoughts on what you’re grateful for and what you want to create in your life (rather than what you’re worried about or afraid of) is a really great idea. If you’re super-keen, you might want to schedule a meditation for this time – you may glean powerful new insights.

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