Who is One Grounded Angel?

My name is Trudie and I live in Sydney, Australia. I’m an angel card reader, reiki practitioner and a freelance journalist. I have a strong interest in the metaphysical and an enduring love affair with language, and this blog is where I bring those together.

Why did you start this blog?

There are a lot of people struggling to find meaning in their lives. For me, angel card readings are answering some of my Very Big Questions. By sharing what I’m learning, in my trademark matter-of-fact writing style, I hope to connect with others who are asking the same questions. And the more I write, the more I realise there are a lot of us asking the same questions of life. 

Why is it called One Grounded Angel?

My connection to the angelic realm is a major part of who I am, and that's why I do angel card readings - for free, via my daily oracle card on social media, or professional angel card readings for a fee. I find many spiritual types are a little, well, out there. And that’s offputting, in my opinion. My point of difference: I live in the real world, and I aim to help people connect with their spiritual side without going to extremes. You don’t have to quit your job and move to a commune to have a deeply fulfilling life. 

So, about the angel thing...

Yeah, I can talk to angels. For reals! So could you, with a bit of practice. I first realised I could communicate with angels about eight years ago and I bought a pack of oracle cards to help me tune in and make better life choices. As my ability to tune in got stronger, I started offering angel card readings for friends, then I enrolled in pro angel card reader workshops to sharpen my skills. Having seen how much oracle card messages have helped me in my life, and my friends, I decided to offer my services professionally. And I love it! It's very rewarding knowing I've given someone information that resonates with them on a deep level, and which they'll use to change their life.