The Tuesday List #20

I hereby declare today Trudsday. In honour of this, here are seven things I’m celebrating on this wonderful day. Because, in the words of William Arthur Ward: “Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.”

New shampoo. Friends, the impossible dream has been realised. My untameable hair has been tamed, thanks to a new shampoo – and, in keeping with my desire to limit my chemical exposure, it’s free of parabens, sulphates and a bunch of other crap I can’t spell. It's called Arganology. My hair looks so good someone asked me yesterday if I’d had it cut (nope). Speaking of which…

Hair appointment. I have one booked this week and I am so looking forward to it. I’ve never let my regrowth go this long before and I am shocked by the amount of grey hairs I have. Cant wait to sort that out.
The Elizabeth Gilbert Magic Lessons podcast. My favourite author is on a mission to inspire us all to slay the fears that hold us back from expressing our creativity. I’m desperate to get my hands on her forthcoming book, Big Magic, on this very topic, but until then her free podcast is renewing my enthusiasm for those short stories that are gathering dust in my cabinet…
Reiki clients. Last weekend someone drove 32km through Sydney traffic to have a reiki session with me. This is one of the best compliments I have ever been given. I also have another client booked in for this week so I am slowly but surely gaining traction.
Coles Simply Gluten Free Chocolate Honey Bites. Coooooookies, delicious coooooooookies!
Friends. A wonderful friend from New Zealand sent me this pretty print for my new practice. It’s such a delight to get mail, and receiving something as thoughtful and encouraging as this really warmed my heart. I have good people in my life, and I hope you do too.
Resilience. There are six planets in retrograde this week plus the build up to a blue moon (that’s when a full moon happens twice in a month, and is very rare). The result is that anyone who’s sensitive to energetic charges will be feeling exhausted and emotional right now. It's a bit of a planetary clusterfuck (FYI not an actual astrological term). But despite this I’ve been managing to just let emotions wash over me without buying into the stories that Fear likes to tell. Touch wood.

The Tuesday List #17

Woman with drop earrings
I’ve decided to change the format of this weekly gratitude column slightly, to make it shorter and punchier. Ten items was too long (even I was becoming bored by it). Instead Im cutting it back to seven things I’m celebrating (purely because seven is a spiritually significant number). 
New earrings. One of my favourite drop earrings jumped out of my earlobe somewhere in the city last week (kinda like a suicidal goldfish) so I replaced that pair with two new pretty gold ones that give me a work-appropriate level of glam. Unleash your sparkle, people!
Massage. My shoulder and neck have been locked up for several days but I went to a new massage therapist yesterday and he was brilliant. I am in mild pain today, but have much more movement – totes worth it.
Bookings. I have been booked to work at one of my favourite magazines right up until the end of the year. It is unheard of for a freelancer to be booked so far in advance, so this is awesome. The best part is that it’s three days a week, which gives me time to be at the practice for reiki and angel card readings. This is the Universe rushing in to support me as I launch my new business. (Thank you.)

Hot water bottle. My winter BFF.
Colour. I’m committed to steering clear of boring black this winter, as I am every season, and my bright-hued clothing is getting lots of compliments. 
New workout regimen, which started this morning. Hello abs, let’s be friends again; I’m very sorry about all the curries. (Lol that was a lie – I’m not that sorry.)

Ricky Martin. Oozing sensuality, boundless generosity of spirit, an innate ability to know exactly what vulnerable people need to hear... this man is an absolute treasure, and watching him on The Voice is mesmerising. Mmmm.