With the dawn of redeeming grace

Whatever your religious beliefs, or lack thereof, Christmas is a great opportunity for reflection. Although I attend church services with my family somewhat reluctantly (institutional religion has never been right for me, though I do, obviously, draw on many Christian values – kindness, forgiveness, compassion etc – in my own spirituality) I always get something out of the visit. This year it was a lyric from Silent Night that captured my imagination: With the dawn of redeeming grace. For me this was a pretty powerful reminder that we are all capable, and worthy, of redemption. 

I have had a very challenging year where I’ve learned that the messages I’ve been telling myself for years are not only limiting, they’re extremely unhealthy. Now I want to turn that around. I am the person standing in my own way, but I’m capable of change (as we all are).

Angel statue, with head in one hand

If you’re reading this and you’re hurting, or needing to heal in some way (we all have lessons to learn in this lifetime), maybe ask yourself how you could find your way to redemption. Not for anyone else’s sake but your own. How you find that – in nature, in a relationship, in scriptures or in voluntary work – doesn’t matter. Simply know that we are all deserving of salvation, no matter what or who we believe in.