energy healing

Photo by  Erriko Boccia  on  Unsplash

Photo by Erriko Boccia on Unsplash


If you want to feel better for a few weeks, you might book a holiday. If you want to feel better over the long term, you might consider booking an energy healing session. 

Energy healing is about long-lasting, meaningful emotional change. It targets the areas of life where you’re stuck – relationships, career progression, self-esteem, finding peace after traumatic or destabilising events, to name a few biggies – healing the blocks in your energy field which are preventing you from moving forward. Crucially – and this is where it differs from any method of self-development I’ve tried – it actually rewrites the limiting core beliefs that have created or contributed to that block in the first place, by healing the traumas and wounds that gave birth to those beliefs. For example, someone with a long-term pattern of struggling to attract a life partner might be holding limiting beliefs around trust or not feeling safe to fully open up in relationships. Maybe they are aware of that, but maybe not, since limiting beliefs often operate on an unconscious level. And maybe they are still feeling attached to an ex, even though they no longer hold romantic feelings for them. And someone finding it hard to step up in their career might have a limiting belief around fear of failure (which can also sometimes show up as persistent procrastination) or feel inexplicably unsafe about owning their power. It isn’t enough to tell someone that they’re worthy, that they’re good enough or that they will find love, for example – if there’s something stopping them from really believing this on a deep level, they will remain stuck. Limiting beliefs might be held as a result of understandings we took on in childhood, wounds sustained in traumatic experiences or even energy we've carried over from one of our past lives (yes, this is a thing!). 

The form of energy healing I practice is a relatively unknown modality called serenity vibration healing, channelled by an American healer called Jill Marie in 2001, and it’s the most powerful formula for personal growth I’ve ever experienced. It’s the only form of healing or self-help that has made a significant and long-lasting impact on my confidence, contentment levels, professional growth and ability to attract what I want in my life. 



What does an energy healing session involve?

A one-hour session consists of around 40 minutes of talking to get to the bottom of the beliefs which may be contributing to your issues. The last 15-20 minutes will be a healing to instil healthy beliefs and give you the emotional tools to move forward. This involves a deeply relaxing meditation from which you’ll emerge feeling lighter, and as if you’ve been subtly rewired. 

I don’t live in Sydney. Can I still book sessions with you?

Of course! I have clients in the US, Canada, UK, New Zealand all around Australia, among other locales. My sessions are conducted via Skype or email, so distance is so not an issue. Click the link at the bottom of the page to book.

How many sessions will I need?

It’s hard to say. If you’re dealing with a one-off situation, say healing after a relationship break-up, you may only need one session. However since most issues are connected to deeper-level wounds and fears, other areas tend to emerge during a session which then require further sessions for healing. The frequency of your visits depends on you, but it wouldn't be uncommon for people to see me about once a month to work through emerging challenges. 

I’m really interested in your angel card readings too – can I do both? 

Totally – I offer a combined angel card reading and energy healing session, where I spend the majority of the session reading your cards, with the last part devoted to working through the issues or blocks the cards have identified. For deets on angel card readings, click here.

Will energy healing help ease my stress and worry levels?

So much yes! Although if stress relief is your primary motivation, you might be better off booking a reiki session, which is a more lightweight form of energy healing involving me clearing your energy field and chakras of negative energies and fears, and bringing in new, positive energy. However reiki is only a short-term fix – for deeper level healing, you need to go after the limiting beliefs and blocks that have caused the stress, and that’s where energy healing comes in. If you'd like more info on reiki, click here. 

I’m seeing a counsellor/psychologist as well – is that OK?

Yes, absolutely – I encourage you to continue with those sessions, so long as you are finding them helpful. 

What do you charge? 

A one-hour session is AUD$110, which is comparable to the cost of a good-quality massage. Payment is via PayPal (please note you do not need a PayPal account for this).

How do I book?

Simply click here and fill out the booking form.