What November 11 could mean for you

This Saturday – November 11 – just so happens to be my favourite day of the year. No, it’s not my birthday, but to me (and many other spiritually inclined folks) 11/11 is equally magical.

If you’ve read my previous posts on angel numbers, you’ll know that whenever a digit is repeated multiple times, the energy is magnified. If you find yourself glancing at the microwave and it says 11:11, for example, or your grocery store receipt totals $111.11, that’s the angels saying, ‘hello, we love you and we’re fully supporting you’, so it’s a great time to connect with the divine and ask for any support you need. It’s also an opportunity to maximise manifestation, so using that moment to focus your thoughts on what you’re grateful for and what you want to create in your life (rather than what you’re worried about or afraid of) is a really great idea. If you’re super-keen, you might want to schedule a meditation for this time – you may glean powerful new insights.

1111 phone screen.png

So what does November 11 mean? It signals an extra serving of ‘one’ energy (the fries to your burger, so to speak). In numerology, 2017 is a number one year. That means it’s been a year of new beginnings – which has been hugely challenging for many, as they’ve been forced to let go of what wasn’t working, or to examine how their past approaches and behaviours are no longer cutting the mustard. If you want to deep-dive into this numerical energy (which is an appropriate thing to do, given we’re currently in Scorpio season, the sign of inner work and transformation), you could set aside time on Saturday to reflect on what in your life you need to let go of, and how your current attitudes and behaviours are contributing to what you *don’t* want (try to avoid getting all judgey, which is a totally unhelpful Scorpio tendency).

On top of that – because, you know, there’s always more – there’s also an intriguing astrology transit occurring on November 11, 2017. Saturn, the planet of tradition, boundaries and conformity, is working in tandem with Uranus, the planet of rebellion, progression and sudden change. If you think those forces sound like total opposites, you’d be right (lol). This trine, to use the astrological term, means you could be further pushed (potentially in rather a jarring way) to examine issues around control – where you’re holding on too tightly to rigid structures or ideas, or where you’re playing too fast and loose. The specific area of your life will depend on what house this ‘old school meets new school’ transit falls in on your chart. If you have issues with boundaries – maybe you let people take advantage of you – this transit is going to really put you under pressure, but those who are willing to make necessary changes will flourish. This Saturn-Uranus trine is not a bad thing, by the way. You could find some measure of personal freedom within a set of rules or restrictions, or you could create some sense of order out of a state of disorder.

And looking at the bigger picture, since Uranus also rules technology, we could see huge innovations in the digital world that shake things up (for better or worse). Stay tuned!


By the way, I’m a keen astrologer but am by no means an expert. So if you want more detail, read up on the work by kick-ass astrologers Susan Miller or the AstroTwins.