Change your password, change your life

Change your password, change your life
I’ve been undertaking a small experiment over the past six weeks, and it’s proven, once again, just how much tiny changes can yield significant results.
A while back, I read a story on Huffington Post about a guy who changed the password on his work computer to reflect changes he wanted to enact in his life. He was depressed after the end of his marriage, so he decided to “change his password to change his life”. Sounds naff, but he says it worked. Wanting to let go of the anger around the divorce, he changed his password to “forgive@her”. Seeing how much that helped him progress, every 30 days he changed the password to other messages, including: “quit@smoking4ever”; “Save4trip@thailand”; “Ask@her4date” and “Sleep@before12”. 

Although he admits not all messages took hold in his subconscious – “still fat”, he admits, in relation to the healthy eating messages – many did come to fruition, and he credits this simple action for helping him move forward in his life. Typing in each statement prompted him to utter the message in his head and make it seem more and more possible. Over time, he says, his mood started to shift in accordance with that. Of course, he still had to do the work – resist the cigarettes, put aside the money, etc – but he says that his initial inner resistance to change had shifted, allowing him to move forward and really commit to making changes.
There’s a reason for that. The words we use, whether spoken or unspoken, create a vibration that creates our reality. That’s why affirmations can be so powerful.
Inspired by his story, I decided to give this a go across my many social media platforms and email accounts.
Change your password, change your life
(If you’re not aware how many passwords you type in on a daily basis, this is a slightly alarming way to find out.) Low self-worth is a major stumbling block for me, so I started with this: “Ihavevalue”. I’m not saying it fixed the issue – that’ll be a life-long journey, I suspect – but it certainly helped create an environment where I’m less inclined to slip into the spiral of negative self-talk that was happening automatically in the past (with hugely detrimental effects). When it was time for a refresh I used this: “yourfearisnotreal” and that’s helped me recognise Fear when it jumps into my consciousness and attempts to hold me back. I’m looking at installing variations on these, down the track: “Ihavethepowertochange” (for that victim mindset I tend to slip into in unguarded moments) and “Iamworthdating” (pretty self-explanatory).
I’ve always been fascinated by the power of the subconscious and how its programming can manifest in self-limiting attitudes and actions. This experiment has affirmed once more how powerful that effect can be – while also highlighting how magical words can be in challenging that programming. I’m going to continue with this experiment. It's painless but powerful. Bonus: it keeps me diligent about updating my passwords.

Security note: none of these passwords are in operation anymore. Also, I use caps, punctuation marks and numbers. Just in case you were thinking of hacking into my account…