Driving ourselves crazy. Or something.

Queues of cars in traffic jam

The way people drive is the way they live their lives. This occurred to me when I was stuck in traffic recently. Consider this:

* Some drivers are focused on their destination rather than their journey – they’re in a rush to get where they want to be, without appreciating where they are.

* Some are OTT irritated when things don’t go as they want – red lights, unpredictable drivers etc.

* Some drive cars that inadvertently make a statement about their personalities – “I am important”, “I don’t want to stand out”, “I don’t value material things” (no judgment, BTW).

* Some aren’t considerate or supportive of others’ journeys – not letting others into a queue, cutting people off, not indicating their intentions.

* Sure, it’s not always easy to appreciate the beauty and richness of life when you’re stuck in a queue of traffic with a faulty air-conditioning unit and an unhappy baby in the backseat. But when else are you going to do it? You can’t go anywhere else, or do anything else. You are right here. Right now. Take this moment to breathe and be present. It may be the best thing you do all day to move yourself forwards. Without actually moving.