What I've been dreaming about, and what it means

Dreams are so weird, right? Sometimes they're batshit crazy... but sometimes they contain important messages. My reiki instructor suggested I start keeping a dream journal so I can look for patterns in my dreams. That’s because a lot of emotional healing takes place while you sleep, and the more you work with energy healing, as I am doing, the better your ability to tune into that process becomes.
Woman sleeping

I’ve been recording my dreams for three weeks now and there’s a very clear pattern emerging – dreams about me cleaning. This sounds boring but it’s actually really powerful – it’s all about me getting rid of the old to make room for the new.
In one dream I was clearing out boxes of stuff from my house. I picked up a rat and two mice (ew!) and gave them to an unrecognisable friend, telling him I needed to get rid of them. This is significant because rodents symbolise undesirable elements – so basically this was me getting rid of ‘dirt’ in my life. Last night I dreamed I was cleaning a mouldy salt shaker in a holiday house in Tenerife (weirdly specific, I know) so the next people could use it. This is awesome because it’s about me getting rid of dirt (which I think speaks to my current process of improving my self-esteem and challenging negative thought patterns) in order to help other people. And given that my new career is all about helping people move through emotional blocks, that’s symbolic.
Not all dreams are significant, but usually the ones that are really vivid and contain powerful symbols are worth examining. And any that recur, or with a pattern that recurs (such as my ‘cleaning’ theme), are your subconscious sending you a very clear message too.
I’d love to hear about any dreams you’re having – post below or drop me a line  if you’re keen to share xx